K. Sunde

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Professor Kjetil Sunde, MD, PhD, FERC, is a professor and senior consultant at the Surgical Intensive Care Unit Ullevål, Department of Anaesthesiology, Division of Emergencies and Critical Care, Oslo University Hospital, Norway. He is the Chairman of the Oslo Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Research Network (OSCAR). Since 2016 he is also the Chairman of the Trauma and Emergency Medicine (TEM) section of ESICM. He is a board certified anesthesiologist, and has previously also extensive experience as a prehospital physician in the Oslo EMS System.

His main research interest is Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) with special focus in quality of CPR, optimizing chain of survival, different experimental pig models, mechanical CPR, VF analysis, post resuscitation care/therapeutic hypothermia, acute kidney injury and  prognostication and long term outcome after cardiac arrest, in addition to trauma management and a few other aspects of intensive care medicine.

Professor Sunde has published approximately 130 articles/book chapters, and has been and is still main supervisor/co-supervisor of several fellows at the University of Oslo.

He was Chairman of Advanced Life Support (ALS) in Norway from 2002-2010. He was Co-Chair of ALS for ERC from 2006-2010, and an ILCOR-delegate in the ALS Task Force, and was main- and co-author of several chapters in the ILCOR Recommendations and ERC Guidelines for 2010. In 2015 he was an invited ILCOR expert, and was an ERC Guidelines author for ALS and post resuscitation care.

Professor Sunde has been a visiting professor in Europe/USA/Canada/Asia, and been a frequently used speaker at several worldwide international meetings the last 10 years. In 2007 he won the NAKOS Research Price Emergency Medicine, Norway, and in 2011 the Main Research Price from the Norwegian Anaesthesiology Society.